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2019 Indoor Winter League


We have made some changes to this year’s winter league. The first is that we have moved the league to High Altitude Archery (455 Weaver Park Rd #500, Longmont, CO 80501). The second based on feed back form last year is we have moved the start time to 7:00PM, the third is we have raised the entry fee to $14.00 per evening.


We are planning on starting the league on Thursday, Jan 10, 2019 at 7:00PM, running for 12 weeks (yes 2 more weeks of leagues) until March 28. The league will be divided up in to two six-week leagues. Each six-week league will be independent. We will throw out the one (1) lowest score to determine the cumulative score of that season. We will pay out First, Second, and Third places at the end of each season.


We raised the cost of the league to $14.00 per night. We would really appreciate if you would bring cash to pay for your fee. We are working out the details of the novelty target/shot but here is a rough idea of how the money is paid out.


$10.00 will go to the shop for range fee.

$3.00 will go towards the Gamelines kitty / prize pool.

$1.00 will be paid out each evening for the novelty shot. Ties will be shot off until a winner is chosen. Shot may be modified slightly during shoot off.


We will have the following divisions (More divisions may be added if there are 3 or more archers for that division):




Youth (If there is enough participation)



Format will be the same as previous years, 8 stations 16 targets. We will shoot each station twice. Scores will be recorded each end, totaled at the end of the evening and posted on the Gamelines site by the shoot director before the next league night. A hard copy of scores will also be available at High Altitude. 


Please contact


Matt Bassman

Weekly Standings

Weekly Scores Season 1 

Weekly Scores Season 2